Alphabet Pack

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Set of 26 titles and 1 Lettergetter CD-Rom (Mac & Windows compatible)

Quickly learn ALL about A to Z.

Upper Case / Lower Case / Letter Sounds / Letter Strokes - Writing / Word Recognition / Alphabetical Sequence

Lettergetter/alphabet books are designed to help children use reading strategies, such as initial letters as clues to reading words. The alphabet books can be used to:

  • teach and assess alphabet skills, so essential in learning to read and write;
  • help children recognise the upper and lower case letters;
  • help children connect letters to their sounds, particularly initial sounds of vowels and consonants;
  • help children to learn how to write letters; develop a love of, and interest in, words and letters.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy these books individually?

A: No, they are only sold in a set.



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