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Dates: 27 April, 4 & 11 May 2019 (Saturdays)  Sold out!
Phonics Foundation™: Developing Early Literacy Skills through Explicit and Systematic Phonics Instruction
A 3-day Intensive workshop by Dr Alice Tang

Discover Phonics Foundation™ with Dr Alice Tang. Presented through direct instruction, Phonics Foundation™ employs a multisensory, systematic and explicit phonics instruction based on developmentally appropriate principles of early literacy instruction.

The Phonics Foundation™ method trains and equips children with word recognition strategies that significantly strengthen their visual ability to identify word patterns, apart from the essential training of blending to read and segmenting to spell.

The Phonics Foundation™ programme begins with prior knowledge of phonemic awareness to learning the letter sounds and culminates with decoding skills that give children a systematic strategic plan to read unknown words.

The 3 days of intensive workshops of participative instructions help participants acquire the requisite knowledge and skills that allow them to effectively and strategically teach the 44+ phonemes to young children.

Who should attend: Principals, Senior Teachers, EC Practitioners, Literacy Teachers and Parents.


"Thank you, Dr Alice, for helping me discover the depth and beauty in teaching children literacy. Indeed, you’ve done a great job in making me understand more than I’ve expected in Phonics."

Nurhafizah Ramle
(Intake 55)

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