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The Definitive Phonics Course.

Develop Effective Phonics Teaching Techniques with Dr Alice Tang.

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Phonics Foundation™: Developing Early Literacy Skills through Explicit and Systematic Phonics Instruction


In this comprehensive 3-day course, you will gain practical and invaluable skills across multiple phonics domains, from lesson planning to implementation and assessment. 

Elevate from Confusion to Clarity

Dr Tang quickly cuts through the confusion commonly associated with the phonics teaching process. Don't know your sounds? Can't say them accurately? Where do I start? How do I instruct so that my children can understand? It's all covered. You will emerge confident, understanding the exact scope and sequence down to the exact words to say. The mystery is history!

The Phonics Foundation™ method trains and equips children with word recognition strategies that significantly strengthen their visual ability to identify word patterns, apart from the essential training of blending to read and segmenting to spell. The programme begins with prior knowledge of phonemic awareness to learning the letter sounds and culminates with decoding skills that give children a systematic strategic plan to read unknown words.

Who should attendPrincipals, Senior Teachers, EC Practitioners, Literacy Teachers and Parents.

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    Trainer Profile: Dr Alice Tang

    Alice completed a Doctorate in Education at The University of Western Australia. She holds both a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management from RMIT University and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College. For the last 17 years, Alice has been actively involved in the design, implementation, assessment and intervention of school wide literacy programmes. Alice has established a reputation as a highly perceptive and knowledgeable educator with an uncommon adroitness in addressing the nuances of teaching and managing in a multi-cultural Singaporean setting based on sound pedagogy.



    "The whole workshop was very beneficial and useful to me. I have learnt that using the proper way to blend the sounds would be very effective for the children. It also gave me the chance to learn why the sounds were taught that way.

    Lots of thanks to Dr Alice Tang for making this workshop an interesting one even though it was quite packed."Siti Junaidah Binte Jasni Intake 58

    "This workshop has aided me a lot in my literacy teaching for the class as I am able to conduct the lessons using the techniques taught during this workshop. The children will benefit like how I have benefitted. Thanks! ☺" Stephanie Seah Intake 57

    "The programme is very comprehensive and it has allowed me to not only appreciate synthetic phonics as a tool for accelerated reading but had given me practical ways to share this method with preschool children." Eudora Tan Intake 56

    "Thank you, Dr Alice, for helping me discover the depth and beauty in teaching children literacy. Indeed, you’ve done a great job in making me understand more than I’ve expected in Phonics." Nurhafizah Ramle Intake 55

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