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Intake 67 Feb 2022

"The course was really interesting and enjoyable. Dr Alice has managed to make such a difficult subject fun to learn. While teaching, Dr Alice takes time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and stops to explain further if someone has trouble understanding. There are many opportunities to also practice what we have learnt before applying it into our own classroom. Well done, Dr Alice and team!"

"I have heard of the course from others and my principal had suggested for me to attend it as well. I find that Dr Tang is very passionate in teaching the teachers the knowledge and skills that enables that them to impart the knowledge of phonics to children. I definitely would recommend Phonics Foundation to others as it enables one to teach phonics accurately and effectively."

"The course was very intensive as we practiced all of the letter sounds in the English alphabet. The practical exercises and assessment help us teachers to be more critical and learn about the basics of the teaching segmenting and blending words. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang!"
Michelle Pauline Balboa

"I was asked by my Principal to attend and at first I was nervous but decided to head in with the mind of wanting my children to be able to learn how to read independently rather than looking at pictures only and knew it is my responsibility in their learning journey too. Now I have a clearer understanding on how to teach my children proper blending and segmenting and I am now confident in it. I would definitely recommend this course to others."

"I have benefited alot from Phonics Foundation, from feeling confused on the morning of day 1 to feeling much more confident on day 3. Thank you Dr Alice for being firm in ensuring that we are equipped with the correct skills to teach phonics to children. I will definitely recommend for my colleagues to attend this course."

"Dr Tang was explicit and clear in her instructions on how to teach Phonics to children. Now, I am more confident in teaching letter sounds, blending and spelling to children. Following the first two lessons, I have used the grapheme cards with my K1 children and they were able to follow well. I have introduced letter sounds to them when they were in Nursery, so they were familiar with letter sounds. I am excited to teach them blending and spelling of simple 3-4 letter words. Thank you Dr Tang! I will definitely recommend Phonics Foundation to others."
Fatin Yuhanis


Intake 66 Jan 2022

"The programme is very intensive yet very much needed especially when it is coupled with the resources and skills given. From start to finish, it was very organised. Towards the end, the assessment was also crucial in ensuring that I will be competent in delivering what is expected to my students. I will definitely be able to also make use of this in the pilot literacy programme."

"Dr Tang is definitely best help I could have gotten to assist me in better teaching my literacy lessons in school. It was a real eye opener throughout all 3 days as she layered the lessons really well and digestible. I would definitely recommend anyone who has never been to this course to sign up! Will definitely like to join this course again in the future for a refresher if needed!"

"As I am very new to this, it was quite overwhelming and confusing at first since there were also many terms that I am not familiar of. But as we go on, I managed to pick up the things taught slowly and I am able to better understand the rules etc. It was a very intensive course to be honest, but I've definitely learnt so much from the 3 days and now I am feeling more confident to carry out literacy lessons with my children. Thank you, Dr Alice! and I like your hair."
Eli Nurayuni

"Initially, i was a little bit scared yet excited as I have always wanted to brush up my phonics skills so that I can teach my children the proper way of pronouncing letter and sounds. Over the past 3 days of the course, I am much confident as I have learnt and benefitted so much. Dr Tang was always there to clarify our doubts and ensuring that we are on the right track. Thank You Dr Tang! I will definitely recommend Phonics Foundation to other trainee or novice teachers"
Nurul Nabilah

"The course was highly recommended by my principal and colleagues who have attended it. While I had previously attended a different phonics training programme, I felt that the Phonics Foundation programme is more applicable to Singapore context and provides good skills and techniques which I am confident in applying into my classroom. Definitely a highly recommended programme for other teachers and parents!"

"This course taught me the right strategy to guide and teach my children in learning phonics. It also helped me to brush up on my letter sounds as well as provided useful keys and tips on how to execute a lesson in the classroom for the benefit of the children. Dr Tang was also very helpful in answering all of the questions we have and was always quick to correct our mistakes which allows us to learn quickly. She also provided learning in a fun and engaging way such as by getting us to practice alongside herself. The course was also stretched out in a way that allowed teachers to pick up on the lesson in a nice and timely manner."
Dianatul Syarafana


Intake 65 Dec 2021

"When it comes to learning and teaching phonics, there are myriad of ways out there. Is PF just one of the many methods out there? Not really. Sometimes one thinks that scaling mountains can be done as long as we try. But with Phonics Foundation, one is scaling the mountain with a tried and tested map, a compass and led by the mountaineering expert - Dr Tang. The arduous journey will come to an end and the fog will eventually lift. Dr Tang took us on a trek through the foggy mountains. It was intense, and at points confusing, overwhelming and difficult to follow. Sometimes one even wonders if there's a point to some parts of the journey. However when has the process to master anything ever easy? This course is worth the time, the effort and cost because it will radically transform how you teach the children. Teaching children with effective practices matters. As curious as it may sound, there is a science to learning and teaching phonics. Once you learn the science, it will make a huge difference in how the children learn."
Cherie Sim

"Dr Tang shows great understanding of the phonics system that is used and is able to share with us some predictable challenges that we may encounter which i found really helpful for a first time teacher. I would definitely recommend this phonics course to anyone who wishes to understand more about phonics or any beginning teachers as I found it helpful myself. I do wish that we had more time to uncover more of the "rules" as there were many and to understand it in depth. Hopefully there is an opportunity to liaise so that our centres have resources (e.g. list of rules to remember/ video for correct pronounciation (already on to refer to for self-correcting. Thank you Dr Alice! Really appreciate your time and ensure we unmuted ourselves to practice!!!!!!!"

"The course was intensive but interesting. It is beneficial and helpful for me as a preschool educator to further learn and hone my skills when introducing and teaching phonics to the children - as phonics is the foundation to writing, reading, and spelling. Dr Tang was very thorough and went through any slight mistakes to correct us before we bring our knowledge to class. I would highly recommend preschool educators and even parents to attend Phonics Foundation workshops :)"
Lim Jia Xuan

"The course was comprehensive and helpful in guiding my daily teaching practices. Dr Alice was able to give specific instructions on how it can be directly applied to teaching the children. She gave useful tips and advices as we applied these learning in our final assessment."
Teo Shi Ling

"This course has given me a very deep understanding of phonics especially with the letter sounds, the rules of blending and segmenting. Previously iI was not sure on how to help my children to blend and read but after the full 18 hours, I finally can share with children and parents the proper way. Dr Alice showed enthusiasm and she encouraged and helped the teachers who was not able to do the lesson implementation correctly."

Intake 64 Oct 2021

"I have learnt the most proper way of phonics and possibly most effective among all those I have seen. Benefitted from the last session where I get to share it in a presentation and to do it in class. Dr Tang is straight to the point, very experienced and have very good sense of hearing!! Yes of course! I will recommend Phonics Foundation to other colleagues and use it in school with my students!"
Terri Chong

"I find this course really meaningful. It helps me clear my doubts and Dr Alice corrected my errors and I am able to spot my mistake and errors too at the end of the day. There are different strategies that's shared to help children learn better in a more meaningful and engaging way. Dr Tang is very patient, observant and detailed about the little mistakes that were made and correcting every student in the lesson. She ensures all her students understand her teaching and able to apply it in their teaching. Yes, I would recommend it to others."

"The course was not only useful in strengthening my knowledge of phonics, but also allows me to teach phonics more effectively in class. Dr Tang was also helpful and patient throughout the entire course."

Intake 63 Sep 2021

"I find this course purposeful and useful for my teaching. It helps me better understand and sound out the letters that I have been confused about. Dr Alice is also very helpful in the sounding of the letters and correcting us. She keeps us engaged and has confidence in us to learn. I will recommend Phonics Foundation to the other teachers to further learn about phonics." 

"I love this course so much. I feel like it helps me a lot in correcting my letter sounds, blending and the different rules of blending. I feel confident in teaching literacy now, thanks to this course. Dr Tang may seem a little strict but it helps so much in correcting all of us and making us get whatever she is teaching. I would totally recommend this course!"
Sabrina Shariff

"This course is very informative and I get to learn more about phonics and how I can conduct the lessons better in the classroom. Dr Tang is a very patient instructor who will always listen and answer to our questions. She also encourages and guides us along whenever we face any difficulties. I will definitely recommend this course to others as it really helps to improve my phonics foundation and allow me to gain more teaching skills." 
Tay Shu Yi

"This is the course I needed! I have had a lot of questions from literacy trainings I have attended that were not really addressed especially with regards to shifting from American to British English in teaching children here in Singapore. Dr. Tang has been so passionate and straightforward to which helped me understand how to teach Phonics. Thank you so much for your passion - it is very infectious! I would definitely recommend this course to ALL teachers."
Beatriz Flores

"After attending Dr. Alice class, I have more confidence to lead my children in phonics, such as incorporating letter sounds into literacy lessons and guide children to blend with confidence from the skills I learn during the course. Thank you Dr. Alice!"
Cassandra Lim

"Dr Alice Tang have been such a dedicated trainer. She goes out of her way to ensure that all of us will be equipped with the skills by the end of the training. I would recommend Phonics Foundation to others as it is a good start to deliver it to the children during teaching. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang :)"
Nur Izyan Binte Ramli

Intake 62 Aug 2021

"Initially I thought that this was a strict way to support children's phonics learning but it really changed my view over the sessions. Dr Alice emphasised the need for consistency, clear instructions and ways on how we can develop and tackle children's literacy potential. It does not have to be fancy, it has to be clear, systematic and fast to suit to children's needs. Dr Tang was also consistent in her teaching and she has provided with many useful insights to learning and teaching phonics for myself. I will definitely support my team if they pronounce anything wrongly and would recommend the course to many others who are looking for phonics classes to attend. Thank you, Dr Alice!"
Umairah Nursyakireen

"I find that the course really helped me a lot in understanding proper pronounciation in the letter sounds. It also helped me in ensuring the proper way of teaching phonics to children according to their age. It shows me that phonics needs to be taught fast otherwise children will get bored. I find that Dr Tangs way of teaching is fast and effective and I really learned alot from this 3 days course. I would definitely recommend the course to others and I will use it on the children in class and on my niece."
Yasmeen Binti Mohd Faisal

 "Instructions were clear. Dr Tang was quick to correct our mistakes, even if it means repeating several times, with patience just to make sure we get it right before bringing it into the classroom. I would highly recommend this Phonics Foundation to others."
Justina Toh

"It was an extremely fun and valuable session with a lot of precise information. I definitely recommend attending this course with Dr. Alice because she is very knowledgeable in this field. Her way of teaching phonics made learning easy. The method and technique she used is simple and was able to discuss everything in a systematic manner in just 3 days. This course helped me gain confidence in saying the correct pronunciation and flow on how to teach the letters and letter sounds."
Abbie Irish Mendoza

"This course was very meaningful. I definitely learnt a lot. I learnt about the proper pronunciation of letters, how to segment words, how to blend words. I also learnt how to conduct engaging literacy lessons for my children. Dr Tang is very helpful in teaching us tips on how it is best to teach phonics to the children. I definitely recommend this course to all teachers!"

Intake 61 July 2021

"I find this course extremely informative. I will definitely encourage all my colleagues to go for this course and this should be a pre-requisite for all language teachers. Dr Tang was very engaging and friendly. I have definitely benefitted and I will bring this knowledge back to my classroom. Thank you, Dr Tang, you are inspirational!"
Sajit s/o Sesikumar

"This course should be a pre-requisite for educators, I wished I started off my journey in the EC sector with the knowledge and concepts that Dr Alice Tang has equipped me with. To those who haven't attended, please make time for this! No regrets, trust me. Thank you so much for everything!"
Muhammad Aliff

"I have been wanting to attend this course for the past year. Yet, it is always in high demand. Finally, I have the chance to attend it in intake 61. I have learnt a lot throughout the course and I am more confident in delivering it to my children. Dr. Tang is patient, and would guide us along if we did not get it right for the first try. I would definitely recommend this Phonics Foundation course to others. Thank you, Dr. Alice tang and team! Good course!"
Eileen Ong

"The course was very insightful. I learn to correctly pronounce the letter sounds and be more aware of how i say the sounds. I learn to unlearn some things I have learn online. I learn a lot in how to do blending, the different stages of blending and how to blend correctly, as well as the teaching of /c/,/k/,/ck/, where they come in the same sound. I find Dr Alice Tang very detailed in her teaching and she is quick to point out misconceptions or the wrong way of teaching. It was also quite interactive as we get to clarify and participate. Highly recommended to beginner teachers and teachers who want to recap on their phonics foundation. Thank you!"

"I find this course very enriching for me. It started off being rather tough for me, tons of question marks however as we move on, I start to understand and see things in a clearer light. Yes, definitely benefitted a lot from this class as I managed to correct my own mistakes and bring this set of new knowledge back to class with the children. I find Dr Tang being someone very patient and understanding in a way where she leads and guides us in various methods which it's most applicable. Yes, I would recommend this course as I find it very important for us to be teaching the right phonics to our younger ones. One phrase which Dr Tang said "We want to teach our children how to fish rather than simply providing the fish for them". I will just like to thank Dr Tang for imparting all her skills and advice to all of us. I am definitely not perfect yet but I also believe that it's a journey I am embarking on. Thank you Dr. Alice Tang :)"
Li Xuan

“The course came highly recommended by fellow teachers and it delivered! The content was helpful, detailed and informative. Dr Alice Tang was patient and knowledgeable in guiding our pronunciations and provided helpful tips to teaching phonics in a systematic manner. The sessions and materials included are helpful in my practise in the classroom and will go a long way to make a difference in the students in my classroom.”

Faith Yee

“I feel that I have benefited from this course. It gave me more confidence and assurance to carry out in the class with the children. I am now more clear of how I should carry out my lesson with my children. Dr Tang is able to engage me throughout the 3 days course and was able to explain clearly as well as identifying where we could improve during practice. I would highly recommend it to others so they could benefit as well.”

Lydia Lim

“Course is very engaging. I have learnt to better teach children letter sounds in class. Dr Tang clarified all the doubts and questions and guided me in the correct way in teaching the letter sounds. I would highly recommend this course to others as it gives a very clear view and idea of phonics.”


Intake 60 July 2021

“Dr Alice is a wonderful trainer with deep knowledge in this subject matter. Even though we cannot meet physically to practise the phonetic sounds, but the online sessions were carried out seamlessly and we were still able to practise as well as hear her accurately. I gained a better perspective on strategies that teachers can use to teach phonics to children in a bid to build up their literacy skills. I strongly recommend educators and leaders to attend this workshop.”


"I find this course a good refresher, while gaining a deeper understanding of how phonics is being carried out in the classroom. There is also greater understanding to the 'why' behind why certain things are done the way it is - keep out redundant language. I have benefitted greatly and I cannot wait to provide a greater (and clearer) support to my children. Dr. Tang is hilarious and I love the way she teaches. Though the topic is dry, she brings life through the way she jokes (they are really quite funny, I laughed at almost all of them) and how candid she is. She makes us feel 'at home' quickly, and able to stay focused throughout the sessions (though the hours are long). I would highly recommend Phonics Foundation to others, especially to teachers/parents who are teaching phonics. It is important to do it the right way, or not to do it at all." 
Priscilla Chua

“First time learning about phonics in this manner, and I find it really meaningful and useful. Helps me to understand phonics better.”

Kwek Mui Kiang

"Practical and great platform to learn and get corrected for wrong sounds.
Dr Alice has been very patient and systematic in her teaching. 
Thank you, Dr Alice!"
Margie Lee
"This course is very relevant especially learning the proper strategies in teaching the phonics. it breaks down the proper and easy way too.  It is also good that Dr. Alice gave us simple instructions we can use in giving directions or instructions to the children.

Dr. Alice excels in this field. May she be able to reach out to more teachers not only in Singapore but in a third world country as well. :) I believe early literacy is very important to go further and farther in life. All the Best!!"
Layco Pauline Joyce Sampol

"The course was very enriching and very informative! Glad to have finally gone through an entire phonics class to answer all the questions and correct my wrong practices or habits that I had prior to the training. The course has helped me to strengthen my phonics foundation. It also unlocked new skills and structure for my future classes. I am very thankful for Dr Alice Tang! She definitely knows her stuff and is always ready to answer a question with examples easy for us to understand. She is very engaging from start to finish despite conducting the course virtually. Definitely worth every dollar. As a senior teacher, I now have more confidence in coaching my teachers. I would recommend it to others who are interested in building their phonics foundations."
Sherlyn Ho

"Very helpful and useful for me in teaching children how to read. Dr Alice has shared meaningful and useful techniques to facilitate the reading programme. She has been very patient in teaching the sounds. Absolutely recommend it to others especially new teachers. They will made use of the learning forever. "
Alzate Claudette Mae Cuadrazal
“The course is very comprehensive and really helpful. Reading has always been one of the hardest things to do with children in a big group but through this phonics course I can say that it made everything easier. Seeing my kids improve a lot when it comes to reading makes everything worth it. Thank you, Dr Alice.”
Maye Madelyn T Salazar
“This phonics course has been very beneficial, helpful and effective in allowing me to learn about phonics in-depth. Dr Alice has made this course very interesting and engaging. I would strongly recommend this course to all teaching staff.”
Ng Dorothy Stephanie


"I found the course extremely useful in teaching my students in phonics. It has certainly given me the necessary knowledge to carry out the lesson confidently, Dr Alice Tang is highly experience in delivering the course and her explanations were easy to understand. I will definitely recommend Phonics Foundation to all my pre-school educators whom I work with. Thank you Dr Tang and truly appreciate your teaching!"
Samantha Chong


Intake 59: January 2021

"Phonics is not easy to teach and to learn. Dr Alice has made it as fun as possible to learn. Her demonstrations were very clear and easy to emulate. I believe using her ways to teach would definitely benefit both children and adult volunteers."
Jude Ng

"Dr Alice Tang allowed us to put our knowledge to use in class and it really helped me to move from theory to practice. A precise, straightforward and helpful course."

"Besides learning the accurate pronunciation of each phoneme, it is very useful for us to learn the systematic way, the flow and the effective way of teaching phonics."
Joycelyn Faustina Yeo S H

"I would strongly recommend to friends to attend this workshop"
Belinda Siew

"Attending this course has changed the way I read words and made me appreciate good language and pronunciation!!"
Fiona Liong

"Helpful in assisting me to teach my child how to read better and enjoy reading in future."
Wendy Liong

"Overall a fun, relaxing course (other than the presentation) hahaha!! Dr Alice Tang, thank you and love your jokes. God bless."
Gen Tan

"Dr Alice was very engaging. She shared lots of practical tips to teach and engage children. Appreciate the time and effort :-)"
Aby Leong

"This course is really helpful. Kudos to Dr Alice Tang, she is very dedicated and professional! This class is definitely worth your time. Dr Alice Tang has conducted the course with great precision and humour. Thank you very much for teaching and motivating us to teach phonics and bring it to another level, to impart great knowledge and skills to our kids in the classroom!"
Lim Bee Shan

"I have learnt new knowledge about Phonics that I have never learnt before. I enjoyed and had fun attending this class and look forward to attending the next course. Thank you very much (knob khun ka)"
Aiaosathitwong Chonlada (Chonly)

"Alice was very patient in answering our queries and correcting us despite many of us repeating the same mistakes. She was also very assuring that we will acquire the skills and techniques that we did in the classroom, and with her guidance, we did. :-)"
Kay Vergara Pangilinan

"Very well-explained lessons taught."
Anu Ratha Alagappan

"Thank you for modelling explicit instruction for us and clarifying my concerns. The course greatly helped my understanding."

"Finally, a phonics programme that is very systematic where I will be able to teach progressively :-)
The method is easy to understand! Thank you Dr. Alice!"
Mariana Binte Abdul Halim

"I can see the light on 1st and 3rd day as in my English pronunciation can be more clearer and understandable. However my auditory (listening) is weak, I must do more practice after the course. Thanks Dr Alice for being so patient and to guide us again and again when we get confused or nervous when we did our presentation."

"It is a systematic and well-paced Workshop whereby I learnt to blend and read the word. I am much confident now to build up words with letters and segment to spell. As an educator, I would recommend teachers and parents to attend the workshop to acquire the basic phonemes digraphs and develop reading skills."
Edna Ng

"This course helps me to understand and learn how to decode using blending method better. This will help to sharpen my phonics teaching skill."
Amanda Loh

"I came in to this course with no prior knowledge on phonics. Thank you Ms Alice Tang for making this bearable and meaningful."
Ong Si Ying

"Gave me a very good understanding and enables me to deliver a better lesson to my children"
Hazeljit Kaur

"I have more confidence to conduct my phonics lessons after attending the Phonics Foundation course."
Magdalene Tan

"The workshop really helped me gain a better understanding of phonics and how I should teach it."

"I am able to know the sounds of the letter which I can apply with the children."
Khoo Ying Chun

"The workshop was useful and I learned how to teach blending to form words. I'm interested to try it out with the children. Thank you!"
Patricia Sim

"The instructor made the experience interesting and was able to correct any mistakes during the entire process."
Eliza Hong

"Dr Alice has delivered an engaging and enriching phonics workshop. I will definitely use the knowledge learnt for my children and students. Thank you Dr Alice."

"I have learned new skills for teaching phonics and the correct way to say the sound. I enjoyed the workshop and Alice Tang maintained interest and encouraged participation."
Juslin Seah

"Thanks to Dr Alice Tang and her team for organising this workshop."
Alicia Tang

"Truly this workshop has helped me to be more confident in my teaching, as I practise and teach my class. Thanks Dr Alice!"
Jenny Chua

"It is very good that everyone gets a chance to present as this presentation allows the participants to experience and hence remember better. It is a beneficial course. Thank you."
Wu Woon Lane

"A very practical course that will help me to be a better practitioner of phonics teaching. Thank you Dr Tang."
Bau Wei Lan Karen

"Love that there is a lot of practice."


Intake 58: October 2019


“The course has been extremely helpful for me in understanding individual letter sounds and alternative spellings. I’ve gained so much through Alice’s in-depth sharing and knowledge. Her theoretical and practical knowledge certainly enhances the usefulness of the course! Highly recommend. 😊”
Sophia K.

“I feel that the workshop is very useful to teachers/parents because they will be more aware of how to teach the letter sounds. Very strategic and properly structured lesson plans!”

Vanessa L.


 Intake 57: April 2019

"Dr Alice and Team, thank you for the preparation for the class. It was an insightful course and great learning journey. Thank you."
Melody Wang 

"The training was new in-depth. I am able to understand why somethings are pronounced in a certain way, how to teach children to identify sounds, what simple and complex codes are, how to teach children.
Start with s. a. t. p. i. n. Thank you, Dr Alice!"
Nurhazimah Binte Hamim

"Coming from a Psychology background without the proper training in Education, I found it very useful to teach my students who are having learning difficulties. It also helps me to read and pronounce better. Thank you. Very experienced and qualified trainer."
Grace Teo

"I am more confident with letter sounds, blending and segmenting the sounds."
Nur Haliza Binte Zaini

"This workshop has aided me a lot in my literacy teaching for the class as I am able to conduct the lessons using the techniques taught during this workshop. The children will benefit like how I have benefitted. Thanks! ☺"
Stephanie Seah

"The strategies that were shared is helpful. I immediately used the strategies with my children, and it is helpful for guiding my children in their learning."
Nursyaliza Binte Rohayat

"Thank you for the wonderful learning experience, Dr Tang! I'm so glad that I've signed up for these three days course. I've learnt so much, and it will definitely benefit me as an educator to help children to blend and read using strategies shared in this course."
Joyce Lim

"Very good. In-depth. I have learnt and been corrected so much. Thank you very much."
Teo B L


Phonics Foundation Intake 56 Group Photo

Intake 56: March 2019

"The programme is very comprehensive and it has allowed me to only appreciate synthetic phonics as a tool for accelerated reading but had given me practical ways to share this method with preschool children."
Eudora Tan Ee Teng

"Though just 3 sessions, I have gained lots of insights into the phonics system and rules. I feel more confident in guiding my team of teachers in their teaching of phonics to the children after this course."
Ng Saing Fang Alice

"Really useful and having to come to this course, really put me in a position where I can feel confident in teaching phonics/literacy to the children. It equips me with the necessary skills to deliver appropriate strategies to help children in reading and writing. Really an amazing course and trainer."
Julia Binte Amir

"It was overwhelming in the beginning. However, after the third day, I got used to it and was able to understand it better. Thank you. I look forward to applying the skills I have learnt to educate my children."
Nurul Amirah Binte Irman

"Dr Alice Tang engages the class well especially when this can be a boring subject. She is also affirming and encourages each of us to participate without fear. She is also clear in the presentation and it is helpful to many teaching phonics."
Alicia Tang Shuang Ying

"It definitely helps in my phonics understanding/knowledge. It’s so much clearer now although it was info overloaded but I enjoyed it."
Nursuryati Binte Mohamed Jasani

"It’s a very helpful course to aid children in learning to spell and blend. Looking forward to using it in class!"
Tabitha Tan

"Thank you for developing such a comprehensive and relevant phonics programme. I feel more competent after the 3 days workshop, to help the children and the teachers when using this in our school programme."
Skekinah Caroline Ong Choo Neo



Intake 55

Intake 55: September 2018

“Ms Tang was able to maintain interest even though phonics is such a boring module to teach. She guided each of one of us even though there were so many of us with different doubts.

After attending the workshop, I’m more confident in carrying out phonics sessions with my children and I’m able to see improvements with the right teaching technique I’m equipped with after attending the workshop.”
Poh Jing Shi, Adeline

"Thank you, Dr. Alice for helping me discover the depth and beauty in teaching children literacy. Indeed, you’ve done a great job in making me understand more than I’ve expected in Phonics."
Nurhafizah Ramle

"I have a deeper knowledge and understanding on Phonics now, and I believe the assessment help us to practice and realize our mistakes. Thank you, Dr Alice, you’re the best!"
Siti Aishah

"I really love the course. It definitely gave me so many things to learn which I could apply directly in my literacy class."

"It’s good to learn about the different word letter/ sounds that we think we know but yet to know and learn. Especially for us in the teaching field."

“Workshop was wonderful, instructor Alice gave great feedback, explanations and everything is precise and straightforward, easy to understand and environment was also enjoyable to be having the workshop in. Great experience!"
Nur Azdah Adilah Binte Azmay

"A good 3-full day weekend spent. Have gained a good insight on the phonics and the practical exercises by every individual student were great. These have helped me greatly and I am now more confident in the delivering of phonics in my daily teaching. Thank you. I truly enjoyed."
Betty Goh Yew Heok

"Became more confident as I am more aware of the letter sounds and lesson planning. It will definitely aid in my teaching of literacy lessons. Thank you so much!"
Felicia Szetu

"I am more confident now in my phonemes and I strongly believe that I am able to teach the children well after attending this class."
Irwina Lim

"The skills and the practical examples were very useful. The course was presented in a systematic way. The phonics concepts are much clearer now."
Sailaja Kambhampati

"The workshop was well organized in the spread of 3 days with theory and practical lessons which helps me to practice the skills in class. Thank you, Dr Tang for this useful workshop."
Nur Eliyana

"I am thankful that I attended this training. I found out the wrong practices I was doing which make it difficult for the children to learn. It is a more practical way of teaching children how to reach and spell."
Rachelle Joy Alfaro

"I love the course as it gave me in-depth knowledge on phonics. Really thankful for Dr Alice Tang’s patience in guiding all of us."

"I enjoyed the 3 days course with Dr Alice Tang! She is able to make me understand better and manage her time well with presenting and answering doubts. Good job Dr Alice!!!"
Siti Rahah

"First formal phonics training and very glad that it ignited the interest in me to teach literacy even more confidently knowing that I am better equipped with the right enunciations, strategies and knowledge! Thank you, Dr Alice I am elated to say, I Survived Phonics Foundation!

Intake 54: April 2018

“It was an eye-opener to another way of teaching phonics using the synthetic way. The course was very hands-on and practical. The synthetic way allows children to be able to blend and spell at a very young age through segmenting.”
Joanna Ho

“As a teacher whose foundation is American English this course helped me a lot to teach my K2 students. It was confusing and difficult but Dr Alice was helpful and patient in helping me with the sounds.”
Nelda Nile Lasala

“The instructor was responsive to our questions and was able to clarify any doubts.”

“Dr Alice was very helpful in coaching me with the correct letter sounds. She tries her best to make lessons fun!”

“The workshop was detailed and clear in setting the objectives for the participants. The teaching strategies included differentiated learning for children. Now I am more familiar with the letter sounds, digraphs and trigraphs!”
Jane Wong

“Learning the different rules of phonics like alternative spelling helps me to be aware of different forms of spelling words.”
Yeo Shufen

“Dr Alice’s workshop has helped me in understanding phonics in greater depth. This will allow me to bring it back to my classroom and teach my children more accurately! The structure of the phonics learning process is well-thought out and every session transits well into the next. Thank you, Dr Alice! Now I believe I’m a much better literacy teacher that can help more children to read & spell!”
Iris Chan

“Dr Alice Tang has continuously encouraged us all in ensuring that the proper techniques have to be mastered only then can we conduct the lesson accordingly. Having little knowledge before going for the training, I needed ample help. I am honestly thankful for this training. Thank you, Dr Alice! I hope I will be able to conduct my literacy lessons confidently as you have!”
Nur Sahidah Binte Suaib

“The workshop was very useful for both my job and personally. It gives me the knowledge of how to say the letter sound properly and how to decode and blend the words. Overall, this training was very useful for me, and I recommended this for all pre-school teachers who have lack of literacy training.”


Intake 53: April 2018

"Dr Alice has inspired me so much to love teaching phonics. Even after our first session, I was already excited to go back to school to teach my children how to read. Thank you so much! You don’t know how much you’ve inspired and helped me. I hope to attend one more of your training again in the future!"
Jennifer Saria

"As an expat teacher, attending Phonics Foundation is really a helpful and beneficial experience for me. This will help me to be more confident in teaching phonics to the children as I have a different accent. Dr Alice Tang is an encouraging speaker. I have learnt a lot from her! Thankful that I am able to attend this workshop."
May M. David

"It provides a good overview of what phonics is all about, it is useful for SMEs and standalone operators to consider in the implementation of a structured programme."
Kimberly Tan Siew Khin

"Two years, worth the wait!
Phonics Foundation has equipped me with rich content that is developmentally appropriate for the children I teach. Dr Alice has lived up to the many good words people say of her workshop.
Thank you, Dr Alice!"

"I’m glad I decided to join the training and glad that I didn’t have to wait years for it. I am now definitely more confident and knowledgeable to teach my children."
Atiqa Halim

"Dr Tang was very precise and professional. Loads of positive encouragement and motivation, it was brilliant!"
Swee Peng

"Through this 3-day workshop, I have gained a deeper understanding of Phonics Foundation and how to plan lessons to engage children better."
Peh Jia Wen, Jay

"It was a long but fun training thanks to Dr Alice Tang for making small jokes in between. I’ve learnt to teach phonics better and correcting my letter sounds. This training is useful for the helping children spell and read."
Nur Maryanti Binte Mazlan

"Before coming to this course, I lacked confidence in teaching phonics, for fear of teaching children the wrong sounds. After coming for the training, I am equipped with the skills to teach children the sounds, now I can confidently teach children the sounds, guide them and teach them how to blend."
Rebecca Ng


Intake 52: January 2018 

“It has been totally worth it to attend. I’ve acquired the knowledge and wish to learn even more than this in future, for the best of the children. Anyway, Dr Alice… You Rock! =P

“The content of the workshop is comprehensive, lots of hands-on to make me understand deeper. Highly recommended.”

“This phonics course has really helped me in blending, segmenting and all the sounds that children and teachers are confused has been ‘unlocked’! Thank you, Ms Alice Tang. =)
Luah Yi Jun

"This workshop has greatly impacted me in my learning of phonics. I am glad that I have this opportunity to equip myself with this set of skill and knowledge as I know this will definitely benefit my students and my children. Thank you, Dr Tang, for or your effort in teaching us!"
Chng Mui Hoon

“The lessons/workshops were very straightforward and enjoyable at the same time. Dr Alice’s sense of humour lightened up the mood and made me feel less tense in opening up and participating in the presentations. Thank you for enlightening me on your gift of the golden key! <3
Dil. Nur Dalilah Rohaidi

“It has been a very unforgettable experience to attend this course. I gained confidence in teaching phonics and I think I will be able to give my kids proper practice in reading. Thank you!
Angela Castillo

“This workshop has greatly impacted me in my learning of phonics. I am glad that I have this opportunity to equip myself with this set of skill and knowledge as I know this will definitely benefit my students and my children. Thank you, Dr Tang, for or your effort in teaching us!
Chng Mui Hoon

“Dr Alice, thank you very much! The course was very systematic, procedural and comes with her expansive experience in this field.
Viviekananthan Geetha

“The workshop is very useful. It provided me with practical tips and useful strategies for carrying out the lessons. I will try it on my own kids. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang.

“Course is very interesting and informative. Would prefer pace to be a little slower. I have learnt a lot from the course. Thanks!
Chong Lee Shiar

“Teaching was conducive and the trainer is approachable and friendly. The teaching is relevant and useful to what children will learn in class. Will definitely recommend this workshop to my fellow colleagues.
Vanessa Chan

Intake 51

Intake 51: July 2017 

"A very practical approach to phonics. The course is designed to address the term limitations and needs in a classroom."
Jayapal Ramya

"Each session was precise and went into detail to ensure full understanding."
Nazatul Shima 

"Alice Tang is very well prepared for her lessons and always willing to help instead of criticising. She makes learning fruitful. Lastly, her professionalism is admirable. This was a well-prepared workshop. Thank you!"

"Eye opening, strategies taught were easy to understand and easy to use in a classroom setting. "

"After attending these workshops, I learnt more about how to simplify and make sure that the child understands the instructions clearly/better. And that the sound is very important. It was a very interesting course and very practical (+ useful)."
Lee Poh Yi

"It's a bit rushed at the time maybe extending for another ½ hr will help from overloading especially day 2 with the alternative spelling. It was fruitful 3 days where everything is systematic and sequential. A lot of strategies were taught as well." 
Siti Fatimah 

"It was really overwhelming but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. So glad that I have already equipped myself with the right foundation and able to pass on the knowledge to my student. Thank you, Dr Alice."
Siti Nur Nabilah

Intake 50

Intake 50: April 2017

“Was enlightened with proper sounds of the letters, better than using “products” that teach letters on characters style. It really helped me become equipped to teach phonics at the young age group.” 
Paredes, Lara Jane

“It was an intensive workshop but indeed it was all worth it! I am more confident to face the children and learn the phonics together. Hope to continue this workshop for the future teacher. Thank you! ” 
Irene Virgo

"The workshop was very interesting and Ms Alice delivered the workshop with great clarity!"

"The course gave me a new perspective on the concept of reading and spelling and is very helpful to our course of work."
Michelle Ng

"After attending this workshop, it was really much clearer for me to teach my children phonics. At least now I know the correct sounds for the letters & words."
Suriati Binte Samsudin

"At first I was very worried that I could not catch up with the lessons for W1 & W2. But after W3, I am able to grasp well for all the letter sounds & also able to blend well with the help of the dots. I am very thankful to be able to attend this workshop as it is very helpful and I hope I’m able to apply what I learnt to my Nursery children! Thank you!!"

"Recommend for preschool teachers in learning the Phonics Foundation to teach preschoolers in reading and spelling."

"From zero to hero! I learnt a lot from this course. Thank you so much, Dr Alice Tang! You inspire us, new teachers! I definitely see a ‘brighter light’ to teach the children confidently."
Noryhaini Ali

"It was very insightful and an eye-opener. Heard many positive reviews about the workshop and after experiencing it for myself, I do agree how it is very important for us to implement it for the children’s learning. Awesome workshop – wisely recommended attending!"

"This workshop was very informative and helpful for teachers like us. Ms Alice gave opportunities and enough materials that will help us enhance our teaching skills (phonics) for the foundation of young children. Thank you so much. God Bless!"
Richelle Andrade

Intake 49: February 2017

“Dr Alice conducted the 3-day course in a very systematic manner. She explained clearly the sounds and the rules. I like the part where each participant had a chance to present the teachings as this exercise helps to make us more confident in carrying out a phonics class. I definitely have a better understanding of what synthetic phonics is now.” 
Josephine Chiang

“The teaching methodology is very structured & clear. Helpful for teachers teaching phonics. I appreciate the precision and clarity of Dr Tang.”
Dawn Lim

“This is my first ever workshop since I joined early childhood industry recently. I am truly grateful for the well-equipped workshop, with many tips and sharing experiences from the instructor. Useful resources too. I am more confident in teaching basic phonics with my playgroup children.”
Nuraini Jumat

“I had a better & clearer understanding about Phonics. Really enjoyed this course with this batch of Intake 49. Thank you!”
Ruth Lin

“The hands-on teaching practice on the last day was beneficial. It boosts up my confidence in teaching phonics to the children. Knowing the proper sounds for the phonemes enable me to blend and spell with much ease.”
Liaw Wan Ling

“Amazing teaching skills and techniques Dr Alice! Thank you!”
Erikka Sunico Clarianes

“I came into the course feeling quite lost as I’m teaching N1, but after the 3rd day, I feel much more confident about teaching my little ones the sounds of the letters and also blending. The instructor was also very entertaining and she made the session very interesting.”
Tan Si Xuan

Intake 48

Intake 48: March 2017

“It was an enriching 3-day course and I have definitely gained a lot of knowledge from Dr Alice Tang. She was very engaging throughout the course and helped us a lot in learning about the phonics rule and letter sounds.”
Chong Sze Min Edwyna

“A 3 days intensive workshop that teaches us the skills/knowledge needed to teach phonics. A lot of practice was provided to facilitate us in our learning. Overall, I have indeed learnt a lot from Ms Alice and would highly recommend her to my friends. Thank you for the encouragement!"
Qi Juan

“Great practices to share will teachers to apply the lesson. This should be compulsory for all teachers.”
Raihana Nassir

“I am really grateful for this course. The level of consistency and passion you have for phonics is amazing! Almost touched me. Thank you for not only teaching us the skill but also imparting your heart in doing everything that you have taught/”nagged” at us for. Thank you, Ms Tang!”
Rebekah Huang

“I am able to learn how should I teach the children using appropriate sounds and teaching techniques. Although I am still learning, this course definitely helps to enlighten and develop knowledge of phonics – letter sounds, blending and more. Would love to attend the course again if I can. Thank you for teaching me and the rest. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.”
Casandra Chen Yi Ting

“The workshop helped me to know the letter sounds more appropriately as well how to blend it. I also got to know the different types of rules and when to apply it. I also learnt how to teach phonics to various age-group. (Nursery to Pri 1)”

Intake 47

Intake 47: July 2016

“It was a very straightforward course. I liked that we had a lot of practice with the techniques and the different sounds. and has improved the way I conduct literacy now. It makes me more reflective of the way I carry out my lessons with the different groups of learners in the class.” 

"This workshop has prepped me with the adequate skills and knowledge to better carry out my literacy lessons at school. It is very practical in our classroom context as well. Will definitely recommend all teachers for this phonics course. Thank you, Alice, for being so clear in your teaching." 
Simone Tan

“One of my enjoyable and fun learning experience, I ever had. I have fallen in love with phonics and am sure my way of teaching will never be the same. I am so blessed to be in this training.”
Mala Ramasamy

“Despite the potentially “dry” nature of the course content, Alice more than managed to reignite my interest in this area, Thanks a lot.”
Alex Chin C.N 

Intake 46

Intake 46: June 2016

“It’s never a boring moment, Dr Alice Tang has made the workshop very lively and interesting. I’ve definitely gain much from this and will apply all techniques taught in my class.”
Sharona Kwek

“I have a clear understanding on how to sound all the letter(s) and it really helps my son in his language development. Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, he showed me his drawing with a word “Sentosa” on it. He said he drew Sentosa and wrote it himself. Obviously, he sounded the letter to figure out how to spell it. I was so proud of him and thanks to Dr Alice who gave me a deeper insight in Phonics. THANK YOU!”

“Dr Alice is a very jovial, spontaneous and responsible trainer. She has been maintaining a very good interest among us during the classes. These lessons had built the foundation for my knowledge of phonics that I believe will enable me to share with my children in the near future. Thank you so much, Dr Alice!”
Jane Tan

“After attending this workshop, I am able to apply to my class. I was also able to spot the mistakes I had made and taught to my children prior to this course.”

“Very helpful and concrete examples were given to address the issues that I experienced in the classroom. Surely will use the techniques learned.”
Lesly Ann Chiu

“Besides learning the strategies in blending & segmenting, the “lesson planning” section has been indeed very useful for me. I have learnt how to prepare a lesson plan in a very structured manner. Also, the section on “alternative spelling” has strengthened further my initial limited knowledge in this.”
Yvonne Lum

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