Reading Bee (Emergent Pack)


Set of 60 books & 60 audio read-aloud tracks (via download).

Reading Bee Emergent Pack comprises a selection of progressively levelled readers with universal themes for preschools in Singapore.

8 to 16 pages | 15.5 x 21cm | Fiction and non-fiction

Click here for Reading Bee pdf brochure 
Note: Emergent Pack comprises Pre-emergent to Emergent 4 titles only

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The Aeroplane: Pre-emergent

In the Air: Pre-emergent

Going to Grandma's: Emergent 1

Fruit: Emergent 1

Dinnertime: Emergent 2

On the Ground: Emergent 2

The Sauce In the Bottle: Emergent 3

Monsters in My Garden: Emergent 3

Dr Sprocket Makes a Rocket: Emergent 4

The Magic Machine: Emergent 4



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