Reviews: Intakes 23-45

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Intake 45

Intake 45: May 2016

“The workshop was a lot of fun and very enlightening especially for a new teacher like me. When I go back and work with the children I can see good results with the children as well. Especially good for teachers who were taught differently when growing up and not exposed to other methods.”
Wong Yen Shan

“The course is excellent as now we are equipped with the correct skills to teach. However, I feel the duration should be longer so that more time could be spent on ensuring we are learning well. But overall I am satisfied!”

“I appreciate this 3 days course, that gave me a better idea of what synthetic phonics and the benefits for children who are not able to read or spell, have much hope from this learning. Because the lessons are consistent and systematic, therefore any teacher, given this tool, will be able to help the weaker students to catch up and some to move ahead of their peers.”
Shirley Chin

“Phonics Foundation course has definitely sparked my interest in teaching phonics, be it educating children or myself. Dr Alice shared her expertise with us in a concise yet thorough way, thus making it possible for participants to grasp the concepts quickly. An insightful course recommended for all English teachers!”
Koh Tong Xian

“This workshop has been much needed to improve my phonics and literacy teaching skills. Dr Alice has been very encouraging and clear with her teaching and I have learnt a lot during these three days. I am more confident with my phonics now. Thank you so very much for your patient teaching, Dr Alice!”

Intake 44: April 2016

“I had learnt the proper sound of the letters and phonemes. It has clear my doubts. The workshop had really imparted me the phonics skills and concepts that I need.”

“Upon attending this wonderful and enriching course, I have not only gained confidence in the letter sounds but have been able to apply it in my classroom; enabling me to understand my children’s competency better than ever. As a result, I am able to deliver an enriching lesson for all the children, that allows them and myself to enjoy learning & teaching. Thank you very much!”
S M Sahana

“Felt much more confident after finishing the course! The instructor was very clear in providing tips and ensure active learning. Even though the content was dry, the instructor still manages to make it a lively session. “

“The practising of blending is very useful. Even for teachers as it helps me understand better. Doing my own lesson plan helped me understand better about how I can go about conducting a lesson. Being able to ‘fish’ on my own is extremely useful and I will use it often.”
Kimberly Fernandez

“The course will definitely help teachers to effectively and efficiently teach children about reading.”
Danah Urag

“The course is really helpful. I have gained the confidence of the letter sounds after the course. Hopefully able to help the children with the skills. Interactive course!”
Soh Hui Qin

“I have learnt a lot about phonics. I know what sounds each letter makes. It would be good if the course is done with the same level of teachers (Like Nursery teachers). But all in all, it was a very good experience. Thank you so much, Dr. Alice. We can feel your passion and hope to meet you in future courses.”
Nur Hidaya

“The course content is really beneficial and relevant to teaching kids. Practice given during the course gave teachers the chance to learn and see the common mistake (then make up for it). I’m very thankful I was given the chance to attend.”
Rodangela Palaypay

“Going through the hands-on teaching session on the last day was very useful. Sitting through and learning from each other was very important.”
Nicole Koh

“The course is really helpful for teachers to introduce and teach phonics to children. Dr Alice Tang gives a lot of good examples and tips that I can bring back to my children. On top of that, she taught the class interesting English language history.”
Kelin Koh


Intake 43: April 2016

“As a foreign educator, the course is really helpful for me to conduct the literacy program. It is comprehensive and interesting.”
Megan Kristine Yu Lisao

“Though it was tough absorbing the new information, the knowledge acquired is very useful in my work with children. I hope that children will benefit more from experiencing the new teaching skills I’ve learnt.“
Angeline Kwok

“This phonics foundation class is very useful and allows me to be equipped in executing the proper way of conducting phonic lessons in my class.“

“This workshop had taught me a useful skill that would save me from forever being a stranger with unknown, difficult vocabularies. As an adult, the knowledge that I have gained will be passed on, for better usage with the children!”
Nurzahirah Binte Mohamed Eunos

“I have gained techniques on how to teach my children literacy like segmenting, blending, and spelling. Also, it has honed my Literacy skills especially the sounds of the letters.”
Franchesca Isabel Tan Co

“The trainer was well equipped with the knowledge about phonics. I was able to further understand the importance of Phonics and explicit teaching in Literacy. Although her lessons are theory based, it was very beneficial to me! I hope I can share the knowledge with my children! Thank you for being an awesome trainer!”
Siti Khaddijah

“She is very understanding and helpful, very engaging in her delivery. The course is very valuable to me as the ‘magic key’ in the symbol.”
Siti Janah M Sait

“I’ve gained a deeper insight on the different strategies and interesting methods to teach literacy to the kids. It’s an enriching course for me although it can get quite intense.“
Lee Shi Yun

“After this workshop, I was able to better understand how to use Phonics, allowing me to be better equipped to teach the children. Thank you so much, Dr. Alice.”
Tan Jeanne

“I am more confident in teaching GPC, letter sounds, revision procedure, blending and segmenting lesson with the children.“

“This training was really good. I have a background in teaching phonics but in a Western American accent and this really helps me a lot in learning and understanding teaching phonics in a British accent. Now I can say that I can impart this knowledge and skill to my student and help them in reading and to prepare them for Primary School.”
Madonna Ramos

“Dr Alice Tang helps me better to unlock my children’s language ability. I am confident and excited to teach the right technique to my children. Thank you!”

“I learnt so much in this 3-days workshop – coding, blending, segmenting…etc. Thumbs Up to Alice for her excellent ability to teach and communicate the concepts clearly.”
Siti Nurjana

“Didn’t know that phonics can be so much fun & interesting. Would love to attend more workshop like this.”
Noorun Nuha


Intake 42: January 2016

“Alice has given me the means and a thorough background to phonics, to enable me to bring this home to my children.”
Oh Shaowei Amber

“Enlightening. I can immediately apply the knowledge to practice which is good of course. Thanks!“
Mawaddah Binti Ismail

“I leave the course with a better and thorough understanding of phonics. Dr Alice has been very professional and candid at the same time. I look forward to attending more courses in phonics with Edventure.”
Catherine Tan

“The course has taught us what explicit and systematic phonics is about. The instructor used very relevant and explicit ways to teach phonics to children. A very useful course for parents and teachers to attend.”
Goh Bee Ling

“Promotes a structure that helps you to understand how and why should phonics be taught. This helps us to be a better deliverer when we approach and teach reading and literacy to another level.”
Joyce Goh Pinyi

“As an educator of kids in their formative stage, I realised of a great responsibility given to me. Learning phonics at its finest, I got more conscious now on how I pronounce, blend, segment and teach the words to my kids. I realised that there are things that I need to change, omit and retain.”
Myla Ebreo Torres

“As a preschool teacher, the course was very helpful. I believe it will help me in guiding the children in my school as well as teaching my own kid on his way to literacy. Thanks, Dr Alice Tang, for sharing your phonics with us.”
Janice A Cano

“These sessions were great relearning for me. As parent and teacher, they will equip me with better skills to teach children.”
Angeline Chew Pei Lin

“Dr Alice makes the training lighter because learning phonics is truly heavy. I’m glad I joined this intake. It made me equipped with the skills in teaching literacy to young children.”
Maria Leah Nartates Taracatac

“I am grateful to have been sent by my school to learn more about phonics. It helps in my professional growth to able to help the kids to read systematically.”
Judah A. Rosalijos

“Dr Tang’s structured way of teaching phonics was very helpful for me because this topic needs more practice and mastery. Her strict personality somehow scared us but I admit she needs to be like that. Continue to share your learning with us.”
Bais Ailleen Regala

Intake 41: March 2016

“Dear Dr Alice, Thank you for ‘unlocking the lock’ to my teaching and learning practices. The workshop is awesome and finally, after 15 years in ECE, I am able to apply systematic phonics!”
Ruzita binte Zainuddin

“Previously, I struggled with teaching phonics and also literacy with the children. However, after attending the 3 days workshop, I can say that I have been equipped with so many things. Now, we all have the golden key.”
Chua Jia Li Gillian

“It is an eye-opening experience. The lesson is systematic and precise making it easy to understand and execute during a lesson. Thank you.”
Nurazlina binte Mohamed Lazin

“My first day in class made me feel like a bad literacy teacher. My last day in class inspired me to be the best literacy teacher my children deserve. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang. (PS: I don’t usually praise courses, yours I’m impressed)”
Han Huiying

“Trainer is very approachable and patient despite us making the same mistakes. Thank you!’
Noor Faizah binte Abdul Hafiz

“I found it much easier to teach children language, and in turn, it helped children to understand the reason behind letter sounds and, as a result, get excited about reading.”
Koh En Wen

“Dr Alice Tang has shown great examples for us to learn phonics. She has opened up the different ways to teach children and help us to guide the children in our class. Her phonics skills are awesome and I hope to bring these skills to the children.”
Chua Wen Qi Adeline

“Resourceful. Interactive. Really helps us to be more confident in teaching phonics to our children.”
Syafiqah Amalina binte Abdul Raman

“The trainer shared useful tips for us to conduct literacy. A lot of interesting strategies like finger spelling!”
Nur Aisyah binte Mohamed Jumain

“It was a very good 3 days session. I came in without knowing any letter sounds and now I’m walking out confidently. Thank you, Dr Alice, for helping us to be confident in ourselves and the tactics to teach the children.”
Melissa Lim Shi Ming

“It was a great and intensive workshop for me. I learned a lot about phonics and I have gained a clearer understanding of how to execute literacy in a systematic way. Thank you.”
Nurliyana binte Jamal

“Dr Alice Tang is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise, she is also very nice and willing to help out when we need it. Thank you!”
Lee Wei Chee

“The course was very helpful in building up my confidence in teaching phonics to the children. The instructor was very well-equipped and well-versed with phonics, and she was quick to highlight important notes, tips and techniques during the course.”
Nurul Izyan binte Rusli

“The workshop helped me understand phonics better and I am able to deliver the lessons to my children more effectively. My students started reading and were very interested and excited about reading! Thank you.”
Mah Haoning

“Dr Alice provided with us different strategies that we can use to teach children to learn how to read and also accelerate their reading.”
Nurdiyanah binte Abdul Saini

“The workshop leader taught us how to catch fish rather than giving us the fish which is what we should all be doing as teachers. The process is important in learning and that’s what we did during the 3 days workshop.”
Zapanta Kamille Eloisa Guadalupe

“The delivery was in-depth and clearer as the days go by. Strategies were also helpful in helping the children.”
Nursyahindah binte Sardi

“I am glad to have the key to unlock young readers.”
De Vera Arianne Ramos

“I have learnt very detailed information on the basics of phonics. This course has given me the motivation and confidence to bring this skill to my classroom to enhance the learning.”
Darshini R Rajendran

“I came feeling not confident in teaching phonics. This 3 days workshop has equipped and prepared me greatly for me to deliver in my teaching. I learnt much useful information and technique during my course.”
Nur Suhaidah binte Azman

“The different strategies for blending will help me and my children tremendously.”
Koh Soo Theng



Intake 40: August 2015

"Would highly recommend this workshop to others too! Really great experience as a new and novice teacher myself, it has helped me to familiarise with the various relationships between letters to words to sentences and more. Having the opportunity to conduct a lesson was good in confidence building too! Wonderful and awesome speaker cum trainer Dr Alice!"
Wee Jie Ning

"It’s a very good and enriching course essential for all teachers. Duration was long but appropriate breaks were given. I’ll definitely recommend fellow friends and mummies to this course."
Karthiga Nadarajan

"Very good strategies and examples. I’ve learnt the sounds better. I am now more confident in teaching my children to blend, segment and read."
Jevelle See

"Dr Alice Tang has shared many methods of teaching phonics to younger children. She has also taught us the correct ways to pronounce and read words which were very crucial to us. Pronunciation has always been an issue (with) Singaporeans. Such experience is important to Singaporeans not only teachers."
Florence Shen

"I really enjoyed the 3-day workshop as I find that it is practical and useful. The skills and techniques can be applied easily. Despite the intensive programme, Dr Alice Tang made it enjoyable and meaningful process."
Janice Tan

"Course has taught me valuable things I may have taken for granted. It has inspired me in how I plan to carry out my future literacy classes. Useful tips – Explicit/Systematic instruction/ Rules on dealing with different cases/abilities literacy of children."

"Phonics foundation is very useful for my job and future children. It also helps me in my pronunciation – proper English! Excellent! Dr Alice is truly an inspiration. She is well prepared and shared new personal experiences through videos."
Sajeeda Othman

"Dr Alice is very experienced, knowledgeable and patient instructor. This workshop will help greatly in teaching the children phonics and literacy."
Nur Sobrina

"Dr Alice is patient and an excellent trainer who will be able to teach one to one the sound that I was not familiar. I am glad that I am able to go for this 3days workshop. Keep it up and all the best! "

"I enjoyed the phonics class. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read properly / correctly. I will surely apply these strategies in my language class."

"The course (could) be extended to more than 3 days. The content is heavy and we have more time to practice (short tutorial) what has been taught during the training sessions."

"It has been great time learning. I feel that breaking up into 4 days will be better."
Rachel Lee

"A very insightful and useful course and definitely will help in teaching."
Teacher Aizat

"Very useful. Made easy to understand. Taught very clearly."

"Very interactive and able to “spice up” lesson "

Intake 39: May 2015

"Trainer is passionate, patient, always willing & ready to provide guidance. The content of the workshop is relevant and provide inspiration in literacy lesson in the classroom."

"Love the way Dr Alice taught and planned the structure of sessions. Very detailed and useful."

"I really like the way the instructor made the course atmosphere light-hearted and enjoyable. Dr Tang has made phonics an interesting, meaningful and fun experience for me!"
Theodora Lim

"I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn phonics when I was a child. I did not enjoy reading probably because I was not competent in my language I reading ability. With this workshop. I am able to help children become a young competent reader! Reading is a joy."
Siti Maz Adlini

"It was a fruitful and meaningful experience for me. After completing the 3-day course I was / I’ve been enlightened and have a better understanding on Phonics Foundation. I’m so grateful for...this opportunity, please continue to support all the teachers for their professional development. "

"After attending the workshop, I understand Phonics foundation better and have a deeper understanding of what to do with the children for the literacy. As a new teacher, this workshop allowed me to pick up other teachers’ strengths and be inspired by Dr Alice in term of teaching Phonics."

"Never have I attended a course that dwells in-depth into a particular subject course. This 3-day course has been an eye-opener and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to have a solid foundation of phonics. Not to mention, Dr Alice Tang has an impressive knowledge of this course and have been extremely patient and kind! "
Renee Fan

"This course is very relevant to my job as a preschool teacher. I have learnt a lot about the basics of phonics to help children."

"Dr Alice Tang was very engaged during the course. She facilitated and encouraged us to try even though we are not confident with our answer. It was an eye opening experience."
Lena Lee

"The lecture Dr Alice Tang is enthusiasm in sharing her experiences with us. She is patience in delivering her skills. She is always ready in her clear presentations."
Koh Geok Huay

Intake 38: April 2015

"When I was back at my centre, I tried teaching my watermelon group using what I have learnt. Those who could not even recognise all the 26 letters were able to learn quickly."
Andrea Judy Wong Kai Li

"Fantastic! It’s very concise, clear and helpful in my job as a teacher. It will be very helpful in my future endeavour in terms of helping the children to read and spell."

"Thank you for being patient. At times I blanked out during the presentation. Thank you for guiding slowly for me to really understand the correct way. Pretty interesting for a Nursery teacher like me."

"I really learned a lot from this workshop. Dr Tang shared so many techniques that I could be very useful for me and my children. I am very happy that I was able to attend this course."
Oritz Ma Czarina Aquino

"Lots of practice and conditioning opportunities able to see the needs of from the learner’s perspective to help children learn better. Model the strategies with written steps. Questions answered in content."

"Very informative, educational. Significant in our work. Help us to become more confident in teaching literacy. "
Lucero Steph Luceo

"A fruitful and eye-opening workshop. The skills that I’ve learnt in this workshop would help me in teaching literacy back in my centre."

"The instructor did a very good job for us. However, I felt that class size was a little too many for her to cover the depth of the course adequately."
Lucky Chan

"As it is my first time teaching literacy in the nursery I was sent to the workshop. It gave me a better idea and right pronunciations of the letters. Not only I benefit from the course, I guess my children @ work too!"
Leong Hwee Ying

"I am better equipped to teach my class with different learning needs (Bananas, Apples & watermelon). I also learnt skills of segmenting and blending which will help me in teaching them how to spell and read. Thank you, Alice, for the eye-opener course!"
Siti Umrah

Intake 37: March 2015

"I really enjoyed the whole course. It’s enriching as I learn how to blend and read. This helps me use what was taught and implement it in my class setting."
Lois Yeo

"I am more confident in saying the grapheme-phoneme sounds after the course. The rules that Dr Tang has shared enable me to teach the children better too! Thank you!"
Ng Wan Xin

"I feel more confident in conducting literacy lesson as I am surer of the letter sound."

"A good course that creates awareness of the correct letter sounds which we might have gotten wrong all this while."

"This phonics foundation course really benefits teacher in helping our children with their reading and love for English. Thank you, Dr Alice.  "

"I was able to have a better understanding of phonics. It helps me to conduct my literacy lessons with children. I phonemic awareness (Still need to practice)."

"I learnt a lot about letter sounds and blending. I discovered some sounds which I had pronounced wrong before attending this course. Therefore, it benefitted me a lot"
Siti Airyah

"A very detailed & informative course. It raised my phonemics standard & awareness, in order to assist the children in centres."
Adelene Tan

"The course was well paced and systematic. I benefited from the course as I can now teach confidently knowing the structure and also sounds."

"A very big thank you to Dr Alice Tang for her patience and teaching. It really helps me a lot and gave me a better understanding in teaching phonics. "
Chaw Lifen

"Through this workshop, I’ve had a better understanding of all the letter sounds and how can I put them to use in class. The sharing session & practices have made me more confident in applying it in my class. All in all, I've enjoyed the session."
Leow Yi Hang

Intake 36: March 2015

"Thank you for such an interesting workshop. It was really intense but never boring. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions."
Irene Leong

"Dr Tang gave me confidence in learning and teaching phonics. Synthetic phonics should be widely introduced to all preschools in Singapore."
Tan Li Fang, Teacher

"Dr Alice Tang has her jovial way to present her lesson (no doubt) phonics lesson can be a bit boring. Kudos and well done!"
Frances Wong, Teacher

"This is the course I am waiting for, to clarify the phonics sounds. Dr Alice Tang presented us with a well-researched and practical system for us to teach our children in ways children can follow. Thank you, Alice. "
Mabel Goh, Teacher

"Thank you for your hard work and dedications in ensuring that each one of us has learnt how to present phonics to children through hands-on presentations in class."
Patricia Lim

"Highly recommend for all ECE and even parents to help improve our children’s reading and articulation. Will recommend to all my ECE friends/parents with pre-schoolers. Well done, Alice. "
Jolene Pek

"The workshop was very intensive and Dr Alice really went in depth into her teaching and techniques taught. Very systematic and thorough. Marvellous! "
Aniza Mohamad

"The workshop provides in-depth information about phonics which helps me in my literacy class."
Syafirah Salim

"Dr Alice was great in settling all our initial confusion on phonics. She led the class well, maintained our interest even though the topic at hand was dry. This course is very helpful in our profession as ECE educators. Thanks for bearing with us all! "
Rozaleen, Teacher

"Great for effective & quality phonics teaching. Every teacher (English) must attend the course! Gain good knowledge after attending this 3-day course. "
Teacher, Tampines

"I find the systematic phonics approach helpful for my children. It gives them the confidence to read, write and spell."
Jing Yi, Teacher

"Thorough and very helpful to all English teachers. Promise to work on my vowels."

"This is dry in nature but the trainer managed to keep the class interactive and interesting. I feel equipped to apply what I’ve learnt here."
Phanida Suwanarat

"Very intense, very informative, very interesting for such a difficult topic."
Agnes Choong

Intake 35: January 2015

"I used to attend phonics class during my younger days and I had some foundation of phonics. However, I was very confused over the rules and regulations of phonics, Eg. Floss rules etc… Which makes me apprehensive in teaching phonics. After this course, I have become more confident and I cannot wait to teach my children phonics as I have become better in my lesson delivery. "
Kwek Shan Yun Avier

"It is really refreshing knowing more about phonics, and the types of phonics programme available in the market. I am now a strong believer of ‘synthetic’ phonics and I look forward to imparting what I have learned to my colleagues and students. All thanks to Miss Alice!"
Aw Wei Leng

"This course helps me understand about phonics better, know all the phonemes, phonics rule. Most importantly, it taught me how to prepare and teach phonics to my kids on how to read and spell. Excellent course!"
Monika Christine

"I feel much more confident in reading and blending words after the course. This course has also provided me with a clear direction for which to teach my students. Thank you, Alice, for the clear instructions and the occasional laughs!"
Jolene Lim

"Alice is witty and kept us engaged throughout the whole workshop."
Yap Pei Ling

"The steps in preparing the lesson really helped. It gets teachers well prepared to conduct the next lesson."
Juliana Anna Tan Lee Cheng

"Trainer Ms Alice is very detailed in her coaching and interesting workshop."
Sheree Ong

"It helped prepare me in conducting literacy lessons with my children in the class. It gave me a clearer idea of phonics and literacy."
Vaness Quek

"As a new teacher, it helped me a lot to know about the phonemes and how to actually teach phonics."
Ma. Karla M. Rizaldo

"An intensive course that will benefit me in my job."

"Doctor Alice has good knowledge and background of the Phonics Foundation Course. She has displayed full attention to the teachers when conducting the phonics lesson. Thank you. You did a good job and I learnt and benefitted as well."

"The phonics foundation course has helped me to understand the proper way to teach phonics to young children so that they would eventually learn to spell words correctly."

"It helps me to understand at the child’s point of view to help them better. The guides are helpful and useful for my lessons. Presentation helps me to take note of minor things that may confuse the child, reminds me to be cautious."

"Dr Tang was very clear in her teaching."
Lee Ti-Ting

"The course helped me to better understand what phonics is about and synthetic phonics is interesting! It made me realise that this approach really helps children to know more words and it’s progressive."

Intake 34: January 2015

"I have a student who says ‘s’ as ‘th’. At first, I didn’t pay attention to him because I feel that he is still exploring. However, when I attended this course, I learned that I can actually teach the child the tongue technique so he can make the correct sound. I’m very happy. He can say his name, Lucas, correctly rather than Lucath. Thank you! "

"I would like to thank Dr Alice Tang for conducting this course. When I first came for the course, I did not have much knowledge and I was not confident. Now that I know the basic knowledge, I feel confident in teaching my children."

"Thank you so much, Dr Alice. I had been looking forward to this course. Now, I feel more confident in teaching phonics and I know that I will be teaching it the right way. - Ciara"

"I am very careful and conscious on the words I say, especially to the “r”. Nice experience and is very helpful. Hope to have a series of this – from learning to read words to sentences to a short paragraph. "

"Training is very intensive but meaningful."

"Dr Alice has helped us a lot throughout the 3-days course. She will correct our mistakes and through that, we learn better. After having to attend this 3-days course, I feel confident to teach my children. Thank you, Dr Alice!!"

"I am glad that I was given the chance to attend this course and reinforced my knowledge in phonics. The things that I learnt from this session will be a big help in teaching the class."

"Lesson was really detailed and clear. Phonics now seems less scary. Seating was really cramped though. Affected concentration after 2-3 hours of sitting still within small space. But otherwise, a great course."

Intake 33: October 2014

"Systematic & easy to comprehend. A wonderful experience! =)"
Iris Choo, Teacher, Ang Mo Kio

"The course was really awesome! After attending the 3-day workshop I felt the confidence to go back my centre to disseminate to my children also to my colleagues what I have learned. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang."
Frances, Teacher

"I really enjoy this phonics it makes me open up to my reading and to blend in a proper way and how you pronounce it a right way. I hope to see you in future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me."
Nurraihan, Teacher

"A very enriching course and ‘a must’ to enrol course for early childhood educators. In depth coverage!"
Jeanette, Teacher

"The course was clearly presented, we were given the theory that gave credence to the subject matter and strategies for implementation. I have benefitted from it."
Song Mei Ling, Teacher

"Enlightenment! Finally a logical & systematic way of helping children decode and read with ease!"
Juliana Khng, Teacher

"The strategies taught will definitely be of good use in my classroom. Really learnt so much in the 3 days here. Thanks, Dr Alice!"
Janice Chua, Teacher

"The workshop was long and rigorous but it was worth it. I hope to apply it properly in school."
Grace, Teacher

"The knowledge I had acquired through this course, will definitely guide me throughout my teaching in these early learners! Thank you, Dr Alice!"
Jocelyn Christabelle Tan, Teacher

Intake 32: June 2014

"Although I have been teaching literacy for 7 years, it has never been clearer until I attended this workshop. I am inspired to share what I have learnt to the children in my class. Thank you, Dr Alice, for all the hard work."
Sa’adiah Binte Mohamed Yusop, Teacher, Whampoa

"Dr Alice Tang has really enlightened me on effective ways to teach blending, reading and spelling for young children, which I believe would definitely aid the children at my centre. I will definitely apply what I’ve learnt. Thank you! I’ve acquired a skill! Yipee!"
Mayuri, Teacher, Westgate

"The planning of the lesson plans was very useful. It gave me the confidence to prepare a lesson plan to deliver to the children. Seeing so many people presenting enabled me to follow their skills. I thank Dr Alice Tang for this enriching programme."
Shanti, Teacher, Ang Mo Kio

"The workshop was helpful in correcting the way we speak and give us ideas on how to teach children helping them a lot in spelling and reading in class."
Tay Xin Ying Cecilia, Teacher, Henderson

"I’m now more confident in teaching phonics to my children. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang."
Lim Huei Huei Amanda, Teacher, Choa Chu Kang

"It is a good course for teaching Literacy because it covers all the 44+ sounds. We had ample opportunities to practice and present. "
Janice Kan Yoke Seong, Teacher, Bukit Batok East

"I’m now more confident in teaching phonics to my children. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang."
Lim Huei Huei Amanda, Teacher, Choa Chu Kang

"I totally enjoyed the course. Dr Alice was very organized for the 3 sessions. Dr Alice was patient towards everyone and ensured that we understand her lessons."
Shailajah Devi, Teacher, Bishan

"Very enriching experience indeed. I learnt how to blend, decoding skills a lot. In the end of the lesson, I am more confident to plan decoding lesson plan. Thank you, Dr Alice."
Chitra Raja, Teacher, Bedok

Intake 31: June 2014

"Really satisfied with the 3-day course! Benefited so much as it will help me in teaching reading and writing at school! Hooray!"
Syafiqah, Teacher, Woodlands

"Good context and knowledge that will help me when I teach."
Jurine Lee, Teacher

"The workshop is interesting which I thought phonics is actually very dry. Good effort and job from the trainer who has made it very motivating for learners to want to know more about phonics."

"Thank you, Dr Alice, for sharing your valuable knowledge. This course has helped me in teaching my students how to blend."

Intake 30: May 2014

"The workshop content was very relevant and practical in assisting teachers to conduct the literacy lessons in school."
Joanne Boo, Teacher, Ang Mo Kio

"This workshop taught me a lot of necessary techniques and skills to teach young children to read. With the right knowledge I’m having now I’m sure I can help the children in my class. Thank you, Dr Alice!"
Dalia, Teacher, Sembawang

"This course has certainly enriched me as a teacher, increased my confidence level in delivering literacy lessons!"
Audrey Tan, Teacher, Toa Payoh

"It gives me the urge to help those children who cannot read."
Norliana Ahmad, Teacher, Pasir Ris

"My colleagues attended the workshop last year and I’ve seen how beneficial it was to the children."
Angela How, Teacher, Jalan Sultan

"Dr Alice Tang has great knowledge and expertise. She showed understanding and gives suggestions that are really helpful in teaching the kids as well as the teachers. Thanks a lot!"
Diahne Caalaman, Teacher, Jurong West

"I learnt many sounds which I am not aware of before. I am looking forward to helping my children in the class to identify words."
Lee Chai Teng, Teacher, Ang Mo Kio

"The sessions have been helpful. Things are much clearer now. Feel more confident in conducting literacy lessons."
Nur Liyana, Teacher, Geylang East

"It helps to improvise my phonics skills and ensure that I would be teaching the proper sound toward my kids. Thank you!"
Nurul ‘Ain Binte Biden, Teacher, Haig Road

"The course is very enriching and helpful in my job scope."
Roselinda Taib, Teacher, Bedok

Intake 29: April 2014

"Should train all teachers from other schools... because it’s very beneficial as it doesn’t follow any brand."
Nurazlin, Teacher, Bedok

"The instructor was able to answer all my concerns and shows great professionalism and passion in what she teaches.
Thank you!"
Tong Wei Mei, Teacher, Ang Mo Kio

"This course has been enriching for me as I learnt about phonics(in-depth) and able to practice it in my everyday teaching."
Siti Nur Aishah, Teacher, Anchorvale

"After the lesson, I had a better and clearer understanding of how to teach Literacy to children. Thank you, Dr Alice "
Charisma Santillan, Teacher, Toa Payoh

"Enjoyable & interesting classes! The content helps me a lot as I have limited knowledge about Phonics before attending these classes. Cheers! "
Wong Yan Yee, Teacher, Toa Payoh

"I learned a lot and after this program, I am confident enough to execute a phonics lesson. Thank you!"
Arlene A. Claudio, Teacher, Boon Lay

"It helps me to accelerate the children to a higher level."
Thahirah, Teacher, Hougang

"I benefited a lot from this program. I am more confident to teach the sounds now as compared to before. Thank you, Dr Alice Tang."
Tang Hui Min, Teacher, Jurong West

"It is pleasure to learn phonics with Dr Alice."
Suhaila, Teacher, Jurong West

"Dr Alice Tang has taught me well. I am able to understand phonics better after attending her course. Good job!"
Nur Shaheila, Teacher, Choa Chu Kang

"I feel confident to teach phonics to my children! Thank you very much! "
Goi Soon Luan, Teacher, Jurong West

"The course helps me to gain confidence to teach the children the correct sounds."
Sit Kwan Yi, Teacher, Woodlands Central

"I am better prepared to conduct my literacy lesson with confidence."
Nur ‘Khairiyah, Teacher, Yishun

"Very enriching experience indeed. I’ve learnt to decode, segment & blend well. Thumbs up to Dr Alice Tang! "
Sriwidarti, Teacher, Jurong Point

"This workshop has enlightened me on what synthetic phonics is all about and hope it can help the younger generation to read and spell."
Siti Saleha, Teacher, Parkway

Intake 28: April 2014

"Very useful workshop to equip teachers. I feel more confident to teach literacy now."
Shakila, Teacher, Rivervale

"It brings awareness of how we are speaking in everyday life, especially when we are teaching young children. It really improves my understanding and the way I speak. "
Yap Chiu Wen, Teacher, Bishan

"The trainer provided us with a lot of useful examples and scenarios that are applicable to my job. "
Nurul, Teacher, Tampines

"So fruitful and enriching. I have a better understanding and am more confident in carrying out the lessons. Thanks! Dr Alice Tang! "
Goh Mei Lin, Teacher, Woodlands

"This course will be very useful in my classroom teaching. "
Sonia Aman, Teacher, Tampines

"Good job Dr Alice Tang! Thank you for being patient!"
Najihah Eizak, Teacher, Jalan Kayu

Intake 27: March 2014

"After the course, I feel confident giving phonics lesson in my class. That includes the ability to sound all 44+ phonemes accurately and understanding the structure of a phonics lesson."
Ashtee Tay, Teacher, Yung An

"This course helps me a lot in improving my pronunciation. I like it! "
Nur Atiqah, Teacher, Jurong

"It was a fun and fruitful experience. The learning was relevant for application in the class. Benefits the teacher & definitely the children."
Nishanti  D/O Manimaran, Teacher, Woodlands Central

"This training was really helpful as it clearly explains the importance of teaching graphemes/phonemes first as a foundation for reading. The instructor was really well prepared with examples of explanations."
Marie, Teacher, Tanjong Pagar

"This course has made us more confident to teach phonics. Thumbs up!!! Dr Alice Tang & Staff Thank you! "
Reah Montemayor, Teacher, Yishun

"Through the lesson itself is quite draining, but as we drill over and over again, we started to in a way know and memorize the format taught."
Siti Nur Hajar Radzuan, Teacher, Bedok

"The strategies are really effective. "
Jay, Teacher, Sengkang

"The course is very informative on teaching strategies for phonics and the right letter sounds. "
Michelle, Teacher

"I gained valuable knowledge that can help children to know the first step to getting their own knowledge through reading. I am excited to learn it together with the children."
Nur Hassana Muji, Teacher, Serangoon North

"This course is very helpful not only for teachers but for everybody esp parents. It can help us to read words properly esp those words that we’re not sure how to read because the trainer also taught us how to check the pronunciation of the words. "

Intake 26: January 2014

"Although I had phonics background from my previous school, Phonics foundation made my strategy in teaching phonics more systematic. I would definitely recommend this course with two thumbs up."
Cinderella Cruz Victorino, Teacher, Little Footies Schoolhouse

"The course provided a systematic method to teach phonics to children of different ages and ability."
Widad, Teacher

"Enjoyed each session. Looking forward to fully implementing the program and seeing the impact or progress made from the children".
Juliane Song, Teacher, Daystar CDC Holland

"The workshop is very systematic. I learned a lot and it opened my mind and erased some confusion on how to teach phonics."
Emily Trina Nerida, Teacher, Daystar CDC Holland

"Thank you for your patience and encouragement in imparting the Phonics Foundation"
June Das, Teacher, Daystar CDC Holland

"Never a sleepy moment – convincing"
Sa’adah Yusof, Educator

"It is extremely helpful to teachers or parents who do not have phonics training or awareness during their time. This helps to correct the mistakes made. We too through these lessons are equipped with skills to teach our own children as well."

Intake 25: January 2014

"Great as a refresher and intensive phonics training as well for those without prior phonics training. Very practical and applicable content that can be used with children immediately. Thank you, Alice!"
Lilo, Teacher

"The course was really an eye-opener. It helped me correct and relearn the right pronunciations to certain words. Dr Alice really executed the course very well. I feel well-equipped with this important knowledge to teach my children. Thank you so much!"
Jeannie Li, Teacher

"More confident after 3 days training. I feel better equipped to able to teach the children. Thank you!"
Siti Mariati, Teacher

"Thank you, Dr Alice, for the fantastic training. Wish it was longer so we can understand the concept even better!"
Azy Arziyana, Teacher

"The course is wonderful, greatly appreciate the hands on and pointer highlighted throughout the course. Friendly & helpful instructor. Definitely more confident in teaching language & literacy in class."
Jayne Kwok, Teacher

"The course has provided me with good literacy skills techniques to teach the young children."
Tan Jee Leung, Teacher

"It is a good training for me to the fact that I came from different country and my accent is different. I got the chance to correct myself."
Johanna Marie Antolin, Teacher

"Should’ve asked my principal to send me for this course when I was teaching K1 last year. Nonetheless, I felt so good and confident in teaching phonics! J Thank you, Dr. Alice!"
Fadya Haikal, Teacher

"This workshop not just deepened my understanding of phonics, but also boosted my confidence in teaching young children early literacy."
Lily Wei, Teacher

"This training made more aware of the letter sounds. I love it."
Shalimar Cabanilla, Teacher

Intake 24: November 2013

"It’s been an enriching and fun learning journey. Now, I can confidently say I can teach Phonics, with some practice of course. Good job Alice! I will share what I’ve learnt with my staff and parents."
Sheryl Ariel Boh, Teacher

"Thank you for a fun filled 3-day course to widen my understanding towards phonics foundation. It has been a great honour to participate"
Amanda Tan, Teacher

"I really enjoyed this course. There were many useful techniques that I learnt and I am more confident as a teacher"
Eileen Boey, Teacher

"I have been waiting for this course since 1998. I’m so grateful to that I am able to attend this course and practise it. Confidently. Thanks to Dr Alice Tang for her patience in teaching us the strategies & tips. Big Hugs!!"
Noraini Ismail, Teacher

"I really had a great time during the training. I learnt a lot from Dr Alice Tang and I am excited to do what I learnt from here in my class and in the future. Thank You."
Anjelica Paulino, Teacher

"Mrs Tang has shown great expertise in this field. There are a lot of things learned in few days."
Raychel Punsalan, Teacher

"It is indeed really a good and right training/experience that I need to correct some/most of the things that I need to learn. I realized that there are a lot of things that I need/have to learn. It was a good course refresher for me also."
Josie, Teacher

Intake 23: October 2013

"Dr Alice is patient and always encouraging. She went to an extent of spending a good 10 mins with me to teach me the correct sound of the letters. She changed the way I talk!"
Tan Yan Huan, Teacher

"It was an enlightening and an enriching experience in attending the 3 days workshop. Was intensive and I learned more strategies to teach my preschool children. I now have a better understanding of teaching literacy and hopefully, it will help in my implementing these strategies in the classroom. Thank You!"
Nurul Atiqah, Teacher

"It helps built up my confidence in teaching phonics and I hope I can pass my knowledge more efficiently to my students."
Lis Herlina, Teacher

"Thank you, Alice, for correcting my letter sounds and makes me a more confident teacher to teach phonics in class."
Hazel, Teacher

"I would recommend other teachers to attend this course. It was such an eye-opener and it has rebuilt my confidence in teaching phonics."
Nurul ‘Izzah Rosli, Teacher

"An intensive but effective session for teaching and learning all about phonics. Relevant and practical skills that can be applied in nurturing early readers."
Pamela Khoo, Teacher


"Very good! Everything has helped me, especially the crash course part for dire straits situations as my K2 are at that stage. Thank you so much, Alice!"

"I didn’t know my difficulties or problems with phonics until I had this course. Really helped me a lot. Thanks for helping."

"Thank you so much for the course. I’ve enjoyed learning how to teach children how to blend and segment at the same time. This workshop allows me to try & know my errors and know where to work from there. "

"I’ve learnt a lot more on segmenting. There are techniques doing segmenting. I find it very useful and knowledgeable so that I can teach my students correctly."

"This course is useful for us, teachers to implement to the children. It has enhanced my knowledge and skills. I’ve learned my mistakes especially the letter sounds and understand very well on how to implement proper lessons for the children."

"In all, phonics is new to me having just taken over K1. It’s intense, however, most helpful in helping me understand better. Thanks, Alice!"

"Ms Alice shared a lot of good insights about how to deliver the lesson properly using the appropriate strategies. I’ve learned the importance of consistency."

"I am more confident in delivering to children after this course. A good system to deliver to children’s learning."

"Have benefitted me and will help me to teach children the correct sound of the letters."

"It has been a very rewarding learning experience for me as someone who has not been trained in phonics. The sessions were interesting and the trainer, Dr Alice Tang, has inspired me to speak well."

"I really benefitted a lot from this training. I’ve gone through a National Geo training with Dr Alice before and was totally blown away by a number of positive notes. Thank you, Dr Alice, for the extremely well-constructed training. Am totally blown away once again."

"I am very thankful for this course as I am more aware of what is expected from me(as a teacher) and from my children. Knowing the sounds also improves my articulation. Thank you, Dr Alice!"

"This course is good as now I have a more a systematic way to carry out the lessons. The steps are repetitive, thus making sense to children too... Thank you, Alice!"

"I’ve learned the easier and more effective way of teaching children phonics. The strategies taught by the instructor is very useful. Thank you."

"The teaching procedure notes given during the training is very helpful as it gives me an idea how to go about teaching children."

I am now more confident in teaching the different sounds to my children that I feel with this new set of knowledge, I can communicate better with parents and staff."

"My experience was good. The synthetic method of introducing Phonics is useful in my classroom practices. I saw success in my children’s learning. The workshop is interesting and I did correct some of my phonemes."

"I learned a lot from this 3 days course. Especially the part where we were thought to blend as well as letter sound. Now I am able to confidently teach the children phonics."



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