About Us

EdVenture Books was started in 1997 by managing director, Dr Alice Tang (EdD). Alice completed a Doctorate in Education (EdD) at The University of Western Australia. She holds both a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management from RMIT University (Australia) and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (Boston, USA). For the last 15 years, Alice has been actively involved in the design, implementation, assessment and intervention of school wide literacy programmes. Alice has established a reputation as a highly perceptive and knowledgeable educator with an uncommon adroitness in addressing the nuances of teaching and managing in a multi-cultural Singaporean setting based on sound pedagogy.


EdVenture Books
was initiated with the aim of positioning itself as the distributor of top quality educational materials, and to become recognised by schools and parents as the source to go to for such materials.

EdVenture Books Pte Ltd is selected by choice educational publishers as their distributor of educational materials, including books and multi-media products, into schools. Among others, EdVenture Books currently represents and distributes publishers such as: Wendy Pye Ltd (Sunshine) and the Pearson Education, including Longman, Heinemann and Rigby.

The company recognises its people as its key assets, and this includes both the staff and its suppliers. EdVenture Books encourages a spirit of enterprise, honesty and creativity, and is dedicated to providing opportunities for new ideas to flourish, where calculated risks are encouraged, and where results are duly rewarded.

The company's staff and output have developed dramatically over the past few years and today, it is focusing its energies on providing even more value-added services both of which schools and parents will find invaluable.




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