Grapheme Cards


Box Size: 8.3 x 11.7cm

Number of cards: 50


An essential tool for any synthetic phonics programme. Grapheme cards help children learn the letter sounds they will need to develop reading skills. Children learn to recognise the grapheme and its corresponding phoneme(s) with the help of picture cues. These cards have been tried and tested by teachers to elicit fast response during visual drills.  




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Created by Dr Alice Tang

List of sounds and corresponding words


a ant ch chin
b bat sh ship
c cat ng king
d dog th (uv) thumb
e elephant th (v) feather
f fish ai pail
g goat ee bee
h hat igh light
i itch oa boat
j jug oo (long) moon
k kite oo (short) book
l log ar car
m man or fork
n nut ur fur
o ox ow owl
p pen oi oil
q queen ear ear
r rat air hair
s sun ure manicure
t tap er ladder
u up ck duck
v van ss dress
w web ll doll
x box ff cuff
y yak
z zip



✅ Download list in PDF



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