Jamboree Level B (Value Pack)

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Launch very young learners into English!


Set of 6 Story Books, 1 Activity Guide, 1 Audio-CD & 1 Bear Hand Puppet.  +FREE DELIVERY!


Jamboree introduces the English Language to 3- 5 year olds, using a unique combination of attractive, fun resources. Carefully chosen stories nurture and extend children's developing awareness of stories and language learning. Books come with corresponding Audio Tracks that read the stories aloud and include rhymes and chants. A cute bear hand puppet helps children engage with language through role play!


Title List

Story books dimension: 16.8 x 23.5 cm

Covers and samples are shown on the left.


 Title Pages Audio
You Noisy Monkey! 16 Yes
I Wish I Had a Monster 16 Yes
I Looked Through My Window 24 Yes
The Cat and the Monkey's Tail 24 Yes
The Monster Pet 24 Yes
Walking Through the Jungle 32 Yes


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