Sunshine Stories about Family (Level 1) Value Pack


Stories about Family

Set of 10 books with an optional Activity book
Suitable for ages 3 to 5   |   13.7 x 16.5 cm

A delightful set of 10 simple stories around the theme of Family. Short and repetitive yet meaningful sentences make reading easy for young children to "have a go" at reading out loud. The pictures strongly support the text, so children can experience the confidence and meaningfulness of reading books!

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    No Title Pages Words Reading Level
    1 I Love My Family 8 35 2
    It's my sister's wedding day and everyone in my family is here.
    2 Our Street 8 37 2
    Brother and sister walk down the street, comparing houses of different kinds.
    3 Uncle Buncle's House 8 59 4
    Count the things in Uncle Buncle's wacky house from 7 down to 1!
    4 My Home 8 48 4
    Animals and people talk about their homes.
    5 Wake Up, Mum! 16 97 4
    It's morning, and all the farm animals are calling out for breakfast!
    6 Mr Grump 16 79 5
    Mr Grump growls at everyone until someone came along...
    7 Goodbye Lucy
    It's time to go to school but Lucy forgot some things. Thankfully, Mum is around! 16 62 7
    8 Along Comes Jake 16 89 7
    Jake, the littlest member of the family, wants to contribute to doing household chores.
    9 I Have a Home 8 83 8
    Turtles have shells, and rabbits live in burrows. But a sad puppy could not find a home.
    10 Be Careful, Matthew! 16 92 8
    The adults in Matthew's family ought to be careful!


    Optional Activity Book 

    Very limited stocks!

    Families, Level 1 (Activity Book)

    Dimension: W21 x H28.50 cm | 23 Pages | Black and white

    • extend and reinforce children's understanding of what they are reading
    • two pages of activities for each of the ten titles
    • activities are carefully designed to help children's skills in spelling, writing and reading
    • includes opportunities to extend their learning through drawing






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