Rigby Star Phonics (67 books)


Set of 67 books.

8 and 16 pages  |  19 x 20cm   |   Fiction and Non-fiction

Rigby Star Phonics is an exciting series of fiction and non-fiction phonically decodable readers designed to enable children to apply their phonics skills to reading, spelling, fluency and comprehension.

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Rigby Star Phonics is a series of fiction and non-fiction phonically decodable readers, which will help children apply and consolidate their phonics skills and guarantee to put fun into phonics!

Rigby Star Phonics brings you a series of motivating and rewarding readers which have been written to match the order of phoneme introduction in both Rigby Star's phonics teaching programme, Fast Phonics First, and the Primary National Strategy's Letters and Sounds. The series begins after just 8 phonemes have been taught, providing children with real texts to read and enjoy at the earliest possible point. Each reader is visually appealing, with photographs and modern artwork that add to the depth and richness of the text. The text itself is meaningful, lively and informative. 



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