Rigby Rocket Big Books (Value Pack), 10 titles


Set of 10 beautifully illustrated Big Books from Rigby Rocket UK! 


Dimension: 29.5 x 29.5cm




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Titles and levels


Title Level Word count
1 What is It? Pink 16
Find out what the boy sees.
8 pages
2 Dirty Dog Pink 19
How does Dirty Dog get so dirty? 8 pages
3 Look Out! Red 29
What frightens the fish? 8 pages
4 What is in the Box? Red 30
What do you think is in the box? 8 pages
5 Hare and Tortoise go to School Yellow 66
Hare and Tortoise race to school. Who will get there first? 16 pages
6 Too Many Pets Yellow 93
Mum is a vet. Which pets come home with her? 16 pages
7 Brother Love Blue 116
I have a brother. What is he like? 16 pages
8 Josie and the Bully Blue 169
Josie wants to play on the tyre. A bigger boy won't let her. What will she do? 16 pages
9 Space Race Green 196
Who wants to race the stars? 16 pages
10 Barker Green 209
Everyone wants Barker to stop barking. Find out what makes them change their minds. 16 pages


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