Phonics Toolkit (Value Pack)

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Comprise 1 pack of Grapheme Cards, 1 tub of Magnetic Letters & 1 Magnetic Whiteboard + FREE: 2 Erasable Markers & 1 Duster

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Grapheme Cards
Pack of 50 cards showing the grapheme and a visual cue specially illustrated to elicit accurate enunciation of phonemes. A must-have for developing rapid Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondence.

Tub of Magnetic Letters

104 letters comprising 2 sets of Upper Case and 2 sets of Lower Case magnetic letters.

Letters are made of high-quality soft foam with magnetic backing. Consonants in blue. Vowels in red.


Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboard (30 x 23 cm)

FREE: 2 Erasable Markers and 1 Duster




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