Sunshine Stories Value Pack (Complete Set, 42 titles)

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This set comprises all 42 titles in the Sunshine Stories collection.

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Child Centred Stories
Sunshine stories appeal to children because they come from the child's experience and view of the world. Children relate to the stories and the characters and they actively engage with the story.
Loveable Characters
Along with fun storylines, Sunshine Stories feature many loveable characters such as Huggles, Sloppy Tiger and Mr Whisper. Children relate to the situations these characters find themselves in and enjoy the use of humour.
World-renowned Authors
Sunshine Stories have been written by popular children's authors such as Joy Cowley and Jill Eggleton. These authors know how to write stories for beginning readers to provide just the right amount of support and challenge.
Carefully Crafted
Each story in Sunshine Stories has been levelled and constructed to support early readers. All elements of these texts, such as the introduction and text matching, sentence construction and line breaks, are all carefully designed to make learning to read successfully for all children.

Title List:

  1. Good For You
  2. The Wind Blows Strong
  3. Bread
  4. What Would You Like?
  5. I'm Bigger Than You!
  6. The Monkey Bridge
  7. Wake Up Mum!
  8. Let's Have a Swim!
  9. Eat Up!
  10. The Tiny Woman’s Coat
  11. Spider, Spider
  12. Along Comes Jake
  13. The Cooking Pot
  14. You Did It!
  15. Mr Grump
  16. A Hundred Hugs
  17. When Dad Went to Playschool
  18. Mr. Whisper
  19. Just This Once
  20. One Thousand Currant Buns
  21. A Job for Giant Jim
  22. Boggywooga
  23. The Ha-ha Powder
  24. The Secret of Spooky House
  25. Mrs Muddle Mud-Puddle
  26. The Dippy Dinner Drippers
  27. The Giant Pumpkin
  28. The Little Yellow Chicken
  29. Sloppy Tiger and the Party
  30. The Fantastic Washing Machine
  31. A Different World
  32. You Are Special
  33. Changing Days
  34. Now I Am Five
  35. I Dream
  36. Maths Rhymes
  37. More Than One
  38. Rainbows and Moonbeams
  39. Don’t Eat the Stick
  40. Happy and Sad
  41. You and Me
  42. Jump, Jump, Jump




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