Sunshine Letter Blends (Value Pack)- Clearance Set, 24 titles

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Clearance Set- These are new books but the staples have turned brown due to storage. (Last few sets available, only while stocks last!)

Set of 24 books.

Small book  /  8 pages  /  W14 x H16.5 cm 

Sunshine Phonics Letter Blend books focuses on ways to learn the most commonly found two letter consonant blends and digraphs in the context of stories.

Fun and silly rhymes work together to teach 24 consonant blends, one per book. Large font size and only 8 pages per book. Easy to read in one sitting- again and again!

Letter Blend Books

It is essential for precise word analyses that children learn to hear the consonant clusters at the beginning of words - the blends and digraphs (two letters that make one sound).



The Mouse Plays With the Plane

Excerpt: The Mouse Plays with the Plane ( pl )


Title List
Blend Title
1 bl The Big, Blue Blob
2 br Brrrr! Brown Bear
3 ch Chocolate Chomping
4 cl Cloudland
5 cr Crazy Crocodile
6 dr Drip, Drop, Drip
7 fl Flop, Flap, Flip
8 fr Fruggles
9 gl Glueing My Glider
10 gr Granny Green
11 pl The Mouse Plays with the Plane
12 pr The Present
13 sc The Scarlet Cat
14 sh Mum Takes Us Shopping
15 sk A Skeleton Can Skateboard
16 sl A Slimy Slug
17 sm It Makes Me Smile
18 sn Snoozes and Sneezes
19 sp I Spy a Sparkling Spacecraft
20 st Stork Stew
21 sw My Swing
22 th I Think…
23 tr Tricky Tricks
24 wh What? Where? When?




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